About Barred Art

Like anything, Barred Art has been through quite the journey. It started as a happenstance side hustle that formed after I got creative at a bar I worked at while in college. Once I got into the peak of grad school, I could no longer run my side hustle and I let it go dormant.

After teaching second grade for a year, I decided to revisit Barred Art and see where it may go. What started as a happenstance side hustle is now on it's way to being something bigger.

I can't tell you where Barred Art will end up, but I can tell you what it is right now.

Right now, Barred Art is a small company run by me, Danyelle, a former bartending artist who is returning to teaching. I enjoy all kinds of art, but my favorite thing to do is help other people bring their ideas to life. Making art for others gives my art a sense of purpose that is more than just myself. With the limitless custom art services I offer... who knows where Barred Art might end up?

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